, who told HuffPost blogger Vicky Ward: a bull market no one

ASTRONOMY AT THE PARK?I like to take my 12.5 telescope out in public places to show some of the wonders of our universe and to teach people about astronomy. It looked big and was crackling with c class explosions. I packed up my scope and gear and decided to go to George Little Park known as the Library park for lunch.

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In no small part, that due to the kitchen proficiency with tempura. Our order of shrimp and vegetable tempura ($7.95, or $13.95 for a large portion) revealed an airy, super crispy batter that accented, rather than masked the flavor of the food inside, like green beans with a lovely faint grassiness, or still juicy shrimp. Only the sweet potato, cut just a few millimeters too thick to remain tender during frying, was a small let down..

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Even though John was paralysed down one side of his body, he was otherwise healthy and not likely to expire soon. So Lamson decided to poison him with aconitine, hidden inside a piece of Dundee cake. This poison was chosen because Lamson had been told during his medical training many years before that aconitine was undetectable.