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Appeal Real Estate Taxes

Saud A.H. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax consultants provides Property Tax Reduction Services serving New York. Saud has decades of experience in real estate, law and finance. Saud A.H. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax Consultant helps property owners, and industrial and commercial property owners for reducing their property tax bills by challenging the assessment issued by the city / town / municipality. As a property tax reduction consultants, we strive to obtain the maximum reduction allowed by law. Although Saud A.. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax cannot guarantee the outcome of any individual case, yet we will successfully achieve property tax reductions on your case if we accept. In order to successfully reduce your property taxes, when required, we will employ all the necessary professionals to successfully reduce your property taxes.

Property values have gone down but your town is going through a total reassessment. If you purchased a property within the past 5 years, your tax bill is higher than your neighbor and you may have a similar property. Your neighbors had their assessment reduced and you did not. A commercial property’s real estate tax is based on the income of a property. Your property may have been vacant or the tenant may have not paid the rent, but you still are paying property taxes based on the full income potential.

Saud A.H. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax may represent you to lower your property tax burden. Further, you may be over assessed despite widespread reassessments and years of climbing real estate prices, thousands of property owners are paying property taxes that are too high. The real property tax on your New York property is determined by your local assessor who may have made mistakes in assessing and valuing your property or its income and expenses. You may contact us to discuss your property. If we take on your case, we will provide an appraisal performed by a certified New York State real estate appraiser to be submitted with your case.

That there are some property owners who are hesitant in protesting their property tax assessment because they feel their property is in fact much more valuable than the “Market Value” assigned by the New York City Department of Finance. When in fact this may or may not be true, since the N.Y.C. Department of Finance has its own unique way of valuing and assessing the properties. In fact what a property could sell for on the open market, or what a similar neighboring property recently sold for, is often legally irrelevant in determining the correct assessment.

Deadline to Appeal and challenge and protest New York City property tax assessment:
If you are interested in appealing and fighting your N.Y.C. property tax assessment, it is vital that you act quickly, since the deadline for appealing / challenging / protesting N.Y.C. property taxes with the N.Y.C. Tax Commission in the five boroughs of N.Y.C. is March 1. The deadline for filing the N.Y.C. property tax appeal and protest is a strict deadline. However, there are alternative avenues to appeal and protest and challenge the N.Y,C Property tax assessment after the deadline.

Filings to protest and appeal the NYC property tax assessment without the assistance of a lawyer is permissible. While many property owners know how to appeal / fight / protest their N.Y.C. property taxes / property tax assessment, Saud A.H. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax or if necessary, and depending on a situation and the property and complexity involve, he and his Tax Certiorari attorneys and associates will work out a favorable settlements on behalf of the clients. Please Contact Saud A.H. Khokhar / Appeal Realty Tax to determine if you are being over assessed.

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