In this museum you will find artifacts

Watching the news must be like watching a horror flick for many of them.3 days agoByPhillip Morris, The Plain DealerA winding path to a new job as Plain Dealer Editor, but never far from home Tim WarsinskeyA winding path to a new job as Plain Dealer Editor, but never far from home Tim WarsinskeyMy roots set me apart from previous editors. I am the first Plain Dealer Editor in several decades who is a native Northeast Ohioan. I appreciate what it means to be in a community where people don’t ask where you are from; they instead ask what high school you attended.5 days agoByTim Warsinskey, Editor, The Plain DealerJim Jordan’s role as enabler in chief poses a particular danger in the age of Trump: Brent LarkinJim Jordan’s role as enabler in chief poses a particular danger in the age of TrumpDonald Trump brings out the worst in people because his only way to win re election is to tear the country apart.

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steroids “In documenting baseball history, the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) cannot be ignored, although a complete list of players who have used banned substances throughout time may never be known. In this museum you will find artifacts, images and stories of players who have either admitted to or have been suspected of using banned substances. Even though you will not always find specific references to this issue, the museum is committed to telling the story of PEDs within the game’s historical context.”. steroids

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