Bed bugs he warned, can multiply fast

2007 08 14 Copperside 1 food store on Hwy 16 east in Thornhill was the victim of a theft just before 1:30 am. A teenaged male approached the building with two other males of which was wearing a white plastic mask with black eyes that has been described as possibly looking like a “Jason” mask This male entered the store with the mask now pushed up on top of his head and picked up a case of Fanta pop and walked out without paying. He was wearing a large baggy dark colored hooded top that has writing or designs on both the front and back.

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Furla Outlet RDKS administrator Bob Marcellin spoke next and acknowledged the efforts of everyone who participated. He explained that the RDKS covers 100,000 square kilometres and there are areas that are still cut off, such as Kitsela. Marcellin neglected to mention that he also went above and beyond the call of duty by coming to the office with a pillow and bedroll and manned the phones during the midnight shift. Furla Outlet

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kanken mini The Chamber is promoting the full time paid Mayor concept and has even suggested Terrace might attract a better Mayoral candidate if it was a full time paid position. This is an interesting claim as it was Chamber members who supported Mayor Pernarowski during the last municipal election, according to the previous Mayor, Jack Talstra. Talstra also states the Chamber is attempting to claim they had nothing to do with the purchase of the Co op even though we have Councillor Christiansen on video at the last Municipal election clearly stating it was the Chamber of Commerce that pushed the City into purchasing the building kanken mini.